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The top rumors Snopes readers are checking out right now.
A rumor said that Delta Air Lines was offering remote and work from home customer service job positions with free flights for new hires.
Netflix was not offering remote or work from home or WFH job positions for customer service roles, despite what some online ads claimed.
A Spanish man wearing a suit sits with his index finger on his left hand raised. Below, a Guatemalan man sits with his arms outstretched. On the right side, red text says Javier Bardem and Oscar Isaac will be in the movie. At the bottom, it says THe Godfather in white text, with the outline of a man holding puppet strings next to it.
A rumor said that Starbucks had lost 12 billion dollars due to boycotts and its purported support for Israel.
Jam, Food, Plant
Online ads appeared to claim that Five Guys would be closing down all restaurant locations or going out of business or going bankrupt in 2024.
A doctored picture of actor Emma Watson made her cleavage look larger for clickbait purposes.
Brenda Spencer
Online ads claimed that Chick-fil-A was closing down all of its restaurant locations in 2024.
Donald Trump with Jeffrey Epstein
An ad said to always place a toilet paper roll under the toilet seat at night and promised to say why but did not.
Road, Tarmac, Asphalt
A video of a man purportedly urinating on pork was shared with a caption that claimed he was a Muslim migrant or immigrant in Holland or the Netherlands.