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No, a Restaurant in Disney World Isn't Serving 'Human Meat'

Presumably the USDA would have something to say about that.

Published Dec 19, 2023

 (Jeremy Thompson / Wikimedia Commons)
Image Via Jeremy Thompson / Wikimedia Commons
A Nov. 30, 2023, article accurately states that the Trader Sam's Grog Grotto restaurant at Disney World would start serving two menu items made with human meat.

On Nov. 30, 2023, the "Moused Trusted Name in Disney News," Mouse Trap News, published an article claiming that one Disney World restaurant, Trader Sam's Grog Grotto, would begin serving two new menu items containing "human meat." Snopes recieved emails from readers asking us whether or not the article, which began as follows, was true:

Disney World Restaurant Is Now Serving Human Meat

Disney World is known for its cuisine. In fact, food is so important there that there is a no-ride ticket option. This Disney ticket allows you to go to Disney World, but not ride any of the rides and just eat food and shop. Well, a brand new Disney cuisine is available. Disney is now serving human meat at one restaurant and it’s becoming very controversial.

According to the article, the restaurant received approval from the Food and Drug Administration to serve human meat, the first time in the United States the FDA had ever approved such a request. The new menu items? Baby Back Ribs and French Fries.

As stated on Mouse Trap News's About page, it is, in its own opinion, the "world's best satire site." There's no ethics investigation necessary — Disney World is not serving human meat at a restaurant. The article was satirical and was not intended to be taken seriously.

Mouse Trap News is the world’s best satire site. We write fake stories about Disney Parks stuff. From Disney Park announcements to Disney Hotel and resort news to made-up Disney partnerships, you can be assured that anything you read here is not true, real, or accurate, but it is fun. So technically our slogan The Moused Trusted Name in Disney News isn’t true, but we thought it was creative and funny, so we are running with it.

According to Cornell University's Legal Information Institute, there aren't any laws on the books targeting the act of cannibalism itself as a punishable offense. Instead, state and federal laws make it impossible to obtain and consume human flesh in more indirect ways, like charging the assumed cannibal with murder (regardless of the consent of the victim) or with desecration of a corpse. Snopes does not recommend attempting to consume human flesh in any capacity.

Many crazy claims about Disney World or Disney movies originated as satirical articles on Mouse Trap News. Recently, Snopes checked claims that Moana would become the first transgender Disney Princess and that Disney World removed Cinderella Castle overnight. Neither was true.

For background, here is why we sometimes write about satire/humor.


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Jack Izzo is a Chicago-based journalist and two-time "Jeopardy!" alumnus.